Fine Art Photography

RNF Studios focuses on fine art photography using digital photographic techniques. Our subjects are nature, landscape, floral and other scenic images chosen to inspire us with their beauty.

Scenic Photography: Floral, landscape, nature

The Chicago Botanic Garden provides a rich source of floral beauty and is the setting for many of our images. We love to travel and the opportunity to engage in scenic photography of landscapes, particularly mountains, oceans, rivers and other natural beauty is a key consideration as we plan our travels.

Digital Photography

We migrated from traditional film to digital images with the early digital cameras and continue to evolve with the camera and image manipulation technologies. The capabilities of digital cameras will soon surpass the resolution available with traditional film cameras.

We hope that our images bring you the same sense of joy that they bring to us.

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All images in this website are copyrighted original works of art by Bob and Nancy Fike